Monday, October 14, 2013

Sonya's First Day!

"Ya. This is my school now. I pretty much rock at this whole kindergarden thing."

"Line up- I so get it. Raise hand- been there. Write name- c'mon people, I am a fresh young moldable student; challenge me!"

"I seriously can't wait for this bus to get here! Hmmm...I wonder if I should try to act all clingy and distraught to make my mom feel better about this whole thing...?"

"Naaaa!" I'm too excited to hold it in. I'm bouncing up and down as I see the bus round the corner! "It can't come soon enough!"

"OK, Mom. One last picture...say goodbye to your baby, hand her over to the public education system, and pray you've done your job!"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A game of I SPY...In the Everglades!

I spy with my little eye: a super cool family.

Sonya spies with her little eye: A giant alligator

Cole Spies with his little eye: a bird he wants to remember the name of so that he can sound all cool and knowledgable, but honestly doesn't have a clue... so he'll just make it easy for you and point:-)

Sonya spies with her little eye: a cute little turtle

Sonya spies with her little eye: a very large duck on her nest

These junior rangers spy with their little eyes: A LOT of animals

Sonya spies with her both her little eyes: a huge heron

 I spy with my little eye: the happiest baby boy in the whole wide world!

Spring Break 2013

"I Looooooove the BEACH!!!" "I'm the Luuuuuuckiest girl alive 'cause my parents took me to the Bahamas for Spring Break!!!" "Thaaaaank you Mom and Dad!!!"

"Really, really, Thank you! I love this!"

"Oh, you need me to drive your boat for a few minutes?! Gladly! Where to Capt'n?"

"I'm so excited to go snorkeling! My mom says I'm going to love it! I have to admit, I'm a little scared..."

"Ok. Turns out I got really, really scared. Ya, that's me crying and shivering in the arms of my unsympathetic Mother...Seems she had a blast though. I would say she's going to be the only diver in this Wilde family..." 

"Ah-hem!" (Cole takes back control of this blog post) "Speak for yourself, sister! You're not the only kid in this family! I love EVERYTHING about the beach!"

"...Especially the water! My face is under the water more than above it! Our Mother will have a dive buddy in me! I can't wait 'till I'm 8, and can start scuba. Yaaaay!"

"Sorry Dad! Our time together in the shallows is LIMITED!"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cole's Hospital Visit

Cole was pretty sick for a few days with congestion and high fever. I thought it was just teething...

...Turns out it wasn't teething at all but a bad combo of Rhino, RSV, Strep, and Pneumonia. So, after 5 days in hospital; with an IV, oxygen, and a feeding tube (just to get the medicine down), he got better.

This is how we could tell...we wanted to play with a computer (he's a little engineer in embryo:-)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Love Story...

Seven years ago and a few days after Valentine's day, we were married. No doubt, February 14th-18th would become the most romantic week of every year for this little Wilde family...and it has...for Cam and his DEEP and RELENTLESS LOVE of NATIONAL PARKS;-)

(Sonya: "Dad, I'm too tired to take a picture...I've worked sooooo hard today!")

(they think they're giant Saguaro cactuses:-)

See, because this week of love coinscides with President's day weekend (the only 3 day weekend in a long chain of 2 day weekends), it becomes a perfect time to travel! It is also a good time for Sonya to work on aquireing the ever-coveted Junior Ranger badge:

Uncle Bobby helped Sonya find walls made out of stone at Tumacacori Mission ...

Aunt Debbie helped her identify walls made out of mud...

The nice ranger listened as Sonya explained the difference, and what went on within those walls. 

But the best part of President's Weekend 2013 was, however "living at Aunt Debbie's house." (Sonya) 
The conversations about politics, religion, education, and golfballs and were delightful (I wish we could post the 20 minutes of Barbie Playing and Uncle Bobby Interview videos that were taken...pure entertainment! :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sonya had her 5th Birthday in December!

This year, she emphatically requested a "Ball- the boy/girl kind!" (I can't imagine what we're in for when she turns 16!) So, with a ton of help from Sonya's talented and delightful ballet teacher (Kim Simmons, p://, we made her dream come true.

Here's a quick re-cap video of the event:


 We also decorated cupcakes...I love how Sonya was trying to be all proper:-)

The event was a complete hoot! I really think these kiddos would be a ballroom sensation on stage! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cole Becomes Part of Tradition- Verbort 2012

Ok Cole, first we get out in the rain and cold on the first Saturday in November, to go stand in a line.

Then we stand in another line.

It's worth it, you see. There's food at the end of those lines. Applesauce, potatoes, and Giant piles of never-ending homemade sausage!

I've never seen someone clean their plate...until now. Cole, you're a natural!