Monday, June 8, 2009

June Visits, Rounds 1 and 2

June always tends to be when we get visitors. It probably has yo do with the rain settling down and the weather being mostly pleasant. Also, this is the beginning of wedding season and the end of school.

First, we had a visit from Ned and Lynnie (along with Sonya's 3 cousins, Ian, Zach and Seth). They stayed at our place for about a week. Sonya LOVED it. She even changed her sleep schedule to get maximum play time with the boys. She was constantly trying to keep up and copy Ian, yell louder that Zach, and hug and pick up Seth. After they left, Sonya didn't understand why her cousins weren't there to play anymore.

A small consolation was the visit of K and Jessica just after Ned left. Sonya really liked them. K also helped my in my yard to root out blackberry bushes which had been growing in my big bush.

Finally, the League of Ladies attacked our front yard and pulled up a TON of weeds. It is looking a ton better and has inspired me to finish off the yard. I have a goal to finish it before Karren's birthday.