Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alaska Cruise 2012 Anyone?

While Karren was pregnant with Sonya, we went on an Alaskan cruise. Although the cruise was fun, we really were sad we didn't get to spend more time on land. Then we found out about land+sea cruises:

These sound awesome! Anyone want to join us? Please leave a comment on the blog if you do.

Are you bringing your kids? Yes and you could too. Maybe we can split a nanny. I know of a couple of girls who would love to come and watch kids if we paid for their trip.

What price range are you looking at? Probably the $1500 range.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marshmallow anyone?

Sonya recently participated in a Marshmallow Experiment conducted by some of the young women in our ward. Is it a problem that my daughter didn't wait at all? I choose to believe that she knew she couldn't wait the full ten minutes, so why bother at all!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Super Romantic 5th Anniversary Weekend Getaway

To celebrate our big 5th, Cam and I rented this beautiful country home on Orcas Island of the San Juan's. It was so big, we had two other families join us, with all of their children. Sonya had an absolute RIOT. Here she is flirting with a boy on her parents anniversary evening. Ironically, while she was cuddling up to baby Grae, I was all alone- Cam had to work, so we agreed he would come on the following day.

Sonya and I had a good time playing the next morning without Daddy.

My husband spent most of Friday in the car with this charming creature. You can see why I was jealous, and seriously questioned whether or not he had stayed true to his wedding vows on his journey (He assures me that he spent the whole time changing diapers, and consoling her three young children...hmmm...[raised eyebrow])

Soon we were all together again, a big happy family (x3). It was GORGEOUS outside...a predicted rainy dark weekend turned out to be Sunny, Warm, and Fabulous! So what did we do, you ask? Well, Cam sat the kids down and lectured them about the PIG WAR (a battle between the British and American's over the Islands) as part of their Junior ranger training in the national park system [insert unapologetic eye roll here]....

....and the rest of us stared at the computer!

OK, so we did actually get a date on Saturday. We took a nice tandem ride around the island. It was beautiful and peaceful. We did, of course, stop for some National Park stamps, and listen to Cam lecture the park rangers about their website, history, water (?), etc. [enter afore mentioned eye roll] :-) We also had a really nice seafood lunch. It turned out that Cam swallowed too much air during our ride (yes, really -giggle), and got sick. He lost his lunch, and breakfast the next day.

Being the nurturing wife that I am, I left sick Cam at the house and took Sonya and some friends on a nice little hike. This was the view from the top. Deep breath....mmmmm....

All joking aside, it really was a nice weekend. I love being married to Cam. He is my life's most dazzling adventure- entertaining, light, and always fun!