Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Polar Express

We had the opportunity to go on Mount Hood Railroad's Polar Express Ride with the Barkers, Morgans, and Watsons. After an hour and a half drive to Hood River and a quick visit to Walmart to buy snowflake pajamas for the family, we arrived at the train station.

We boarded the train just after 5 PM and started on our way toward the North Pole. The kids were dreaming of Santa and the parents were in awe at their wonderment.

It wasn't long before we were served hot chocolate (which was spilled by many of the children) and cookies.

We then heard a reading of the Polar Express over the intercom while the servers held up the books and flipped through the pages.

Finally, we arrived at the North Pole and the kids all stared out the window in amazement as the elves and Santa greeted us.

The train turned around and we were boarded by the elves and Santa. Two elves arrived in our car and led us in singing many Christmas songs. Sonya really got into it.

After 7 or 8 songs, Santa arrived in our car. He went row by row greeting children and giving them bells. Sonya has always been a little afraid of people dressed up, and this is no exception. She was happy to accept the bell though.

After Santa left our car, it was just a bit longer and we arrived back at the train station. We had fun on the ride and here was our best shot at a family photo. Sonya was still sucking on her bell.

REVIEW: The Polar Express Ride at the Mount Hood Railroad is great fun for kids, but I wouldn't suggest it if you aren't going with your children. The real thrill for me was seeing the joy on my daughter's face and the fun she had with her friends.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Letters to Miah, the book

Karren has been working hard on a book to remember Miah and it is finally done. If you would like to get a copy at cost (at least for us) feel free to follow the link. If you get 5 before December 15, it is 15% off. We ordered 5. :)
By Karren Montague Wilde

Friday, December 11, 2009

Family History

I have always loved family history. Some guys play video games. Some watch movies. When I want to vegitate, I do family history. In fact, sometimes I spend so much time doing it that Karren calls it the other woman!

My dad and mom got me hooked on it when I was little. It is like doing a huge puzzle where you have to go find the pieces before you can assemble it. Our family even has a website devoted to our ancestors.

I also participate in various communities such as New Familysearch and I have recently been reaquanted with Find A Grave. I've been a member for over 6 years and enjoy contributing to this virtual cemetery. I recently added our daughter Miah's memorial.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

The Wilde family has been preparing for the holidays this past week. We got our first EVER Christmas tree (normally we decorate a rosemary bush) and even cut it down ourselves.

The farm was a cute little family owned operation with a barn and tractor to boot! They even served us peppermint hot cocoa. mmmmm....
We decorated our tree with clear bulbs which Daddy and Sonya filled with the dried peddles from Miah's funeral. It made for a beautiful golden glowy tree to honor Sweet Miah this year. (of course, we filled a couple bulbs with chocolate chips to represent our other 'candy-o-holic' daughter, Sonya).
We crafted an extra ornament of 'Miah flowers' to hang on the tree at the cemetary. We attended a nice little service there, and sang Christmas Carols with others who have recently said goodbye to loved ones.
We made sure to visit Miah's little grave before leaving. She would have been 7 weeks old; her memory is a part of our family always, and we love her!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Challenge and The Pot

Karren and I have decided to lose some of the extra pounds we have gained in recent years. We decided that we needed some motivation and a little competition to complete our goals so we put together a pot to win. Whoever reaches their goal first gets to spend the pot and the other partner can't say anything about how it is spent. We had to make it significant enough to be tantilizing. :) I need to lose about 30 pounds while Karren needs to lose about 20. Wish us luck and don't be offended if I turn down your scruptious holiday goodies .... must win! :)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Thanksgiving 2009

We were able to visit my grandparents (dad's parents) for Thanksgiving this year. It is always fun eating with them for Thanksgiving and often a little nostalgic. My family drove up to Seattle every year while I was growing up in Oregon. This year, there were nine of us, Grandpa and Grandma, Ilene, Richard, Noreen, Jessica, Karren, Sonya, and me. Also present were two dogs, Viggo and Buffy. Sonya really loved the dogs! We spent two nights at Ilene's after Thanksgiving. On Friday, we went to the Belleview mall where we ate and visited Santa. Sonya still doesn't like people dressed up so she cried when we took her to sit on Santa's lap. She did love the stuffed dog and candy cane lollipop he gave her though. We then visited the park across the street where Sonya chased a lot of the dogs around. At the base of the park, they were giving away free horse drawn carriage rides which Sonya LOVED (see her face in the photo below). We had to wait in line and she cried every time the horse left without her. Finally, that evening, Ilene watched Sonya while Karren and I went to Once Upon a Mattress, a performance by the Bellevue Youth Theatre. Thanks Ilene! It was a very enjoyable two days!

The 75th Annual Verboort Sausage & Kraut Dinner

We attended the annual Verboort Sausage & Kraut Dinner early November with the Morgans and the Bowdens. As usual, it was very wet, but we still had a ton of fun. Karren won a cabbage patch doll in the annual pot holder drawing. You buy pot holders for $1 each and then get to draw out tokens for each one you buy. If there is a number on it, you win. The dinner was great ... homemade sausage, saurkraut, applesauce ... and all you can eat! The photos below will show the pure wetness and the girls enjoying some food and drink.