Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sonya's Talent Search: Part Two

"Absolutely!" Sonya giggles with delight. "I am tall, lean, flat-chested...and I have the calves of a marble carved Greek goddess! This is it! My calling in life is to be a gymnast!!!"
RUN. check.

JUMP. check. (You've GOT to see my dismount...perfection!)

FLIP. (oh ya!) check.

SWING. check (feel free to notice my perfectly pointed toes...a thing of beauty if I do say so myself).

CONFESSION: I am a FAKE! It's true. My mom was too kind to post my humiliation...I can't skip!!!!! There, I said it! (head bows in shame). Like generations before me (my daddy suffered from the same handicap- he was held back in kindergarden because of it), I have an inability to skip, or walk rhythmically in any way. Coach Erin worked with me individually for 10 minutes; she even picked me up and moved my legs...I just couldn't get it.
Maybe I should try something else....Stay tuned....

Sonya's Talent Search: Part One

"Yes!" says Sonya. "I will be a fantastic artist. I have the skill, patience, and raw talent. Just watch me create a masterpiece!!!"

"Oooooooo. I am soooo pleased with myself! No doubt this will be hanging in the Louvre by the end of the week!"

[Sonya surveys the table to check out the competition. She stopped at a promising young lad] "Hmmmm. He's good. Too good..."

"What's this!?!? She has the abstract insight of Picasso! And wait a minute! how did she finish so quickly?"

"Who is this guy?" Sonya burst out in desperation, "how do I possibly compete with someone who can throw himself into his art like that?"

"Fine! I give up! This child prodigy is blinding people with her artistic gifts!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Road Trip: Montana

Last week, Grandpa, Sonya, and I took a trip to visit my sisters and Sonya's aunts in Stockett, Montana. It is a small town outside of Great Falls with a population of 10, half of which being my family.
This is 'Auntie Alley-Ooopie'. She and Sonya were instant friends.

Sonya has always loved her Aunt Carly-girl, who spent a whole week with her last year.

This is a picture of all of my dad's girls (only sweet Miah is missing). The boys are a little too goofy to be included in any respectable photograph:-)

Proof: The Boys....

Introducing Bri-Bri and Seany-wanny:-)They are very special. And loved.

a sick little sonya

So cute, right?! I think that one bite of banana before a nap was the only food she ate for five days. We had a princess movie marathon, and went through two bottles of children's Tylenol, and she's all better now!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sonya turns 3!!!

The day began with Sonya waking up to a room full of pink and purple balloons. Finally, the day she had been talking about all year had come!

Sonya's party was combined with her friend, Jude, who had his birthday on the same exact day. The theme was "Stuff with Wheels" or something like that. A church cultural hall, with a little tape, was made into a fabulous racing track! Sonya reved up her tricycle, and faced the competition.

Sonya did seem to get some help from some unseen force...she FLEW past the other skilled riders...claiming her victory!

In trying to keep up, several of the contestants crashed their vehicles; no serious injuries were reported.

The kids eventually needed a rest. They found snacks and a train cake.

Here are some of my favorite cake-eating moments!

Once the party was over, everyone pitched in to clean-up the mess.

Sonya winded down that evening by playing with her new dollies. These just so happened to belong to her mommy some 25 years ago. I kept them in pristine condition, hoping they would be worth millions someday. Sonya managed to tangle their perfect hair and rip off their clothes in a matter of minutes. Nice to see them played with properly!

Yea for Birthdays!

So, so PURDY Sonya...

Sonya has recently discovered make-up, and thinks she looks simply stunning in it. On Saturday, she came downstairs...walking carefully and daintily, fluttering her eyelashes, showing off her beauty. I asked her to show me where she found the pretty make-up, and there I took this my bathroom. This depicts very well how I feel when I wear mascara...just a bit awkward and clown-like.