Thursday, July 30, 2009

In the heat of the day, by the cool of the pool

Yesterday was 107 and while I was at work, Karren, Diane, Robin and Yuan took the kids to the beach. From what I am told, Sonya got over her previous fear of the sand and followed Lyla into the ocean, soaking everything. Karren got one of the cutest photos of Sonya yet!

It sounds like everyone had a blast and enjoyed the cooler beach weather!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the Fair

On Saturday, the family was introduced to the delights of a summer fair..Miah just kicked around to the barbershop music, while Sonya ran to any and all stands promising something gooey, sticky, or squeaky!
First, Sonya turned a wafting billow of cotton candy into a solid sticky mass...

Then she showed off her fabulous balloon kitty cat (which eventually popped as she used it for a teething ring)...

Sonya finally polished off the afternoon with a pie eating contest...which she really should have won!
...but she used her hands (against the rules:-)

And she stole the pies of nearby children (apparently also against the rules)

What a delicate little princess!!! Yay for summer! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Our sweet baby girl has entered the last trimester of development and is regarded by the medical community as 'viable' outside of utero. Because her life is expected to be a short one, we would like to introduce her to our family and friends as the newest addition to the Wilde Family, and announce her name early. You will begin to see her name included in our ramblings, and her presence acknowledged in our activities. Also, we have begun posting a separate blog specifically about her life: "Letters to Miah". It will be a very personal collection of notes we have written/ will write to our daughter. There is so much that she has taught our family already, and we feel selfish keeping it locked away in a journal. 
      Her first name comes from the book of Jeremiah of the old testament.  The fifth verse of the first chapter reads: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee...". We appreciate this simple reminder that our daughter's spirit existed long before her broken body was created inside her mother, and that spirit will live long after her body is buried in it's Mother Earth. We believe in a literal resurrection of her body in its perfected form, and that we will again hold her in our arms throughout the eternities. 
      Miah's middle name is also inspired by a figure of the Old Testament. Jacob loved Rachel and desired to be with her forever. Ultimately, he had to work 14 years for her father to earn her hand. Just as Jacob had to wait to marry Rachel, our family will have to wait a little while during this life to be with our own Rachel in the next.       


Our daughter is fairly indiscriminate when it comes to boys. Here, we see her with a wooden garden gnome...practicing the art love.

Once her technique is perfected, she pounces with 'smoochy' prowess on the real thing. Watch out GRAE!

...and another one bites the dust. We're going to have the teach Sonya about playing "Hard to Get".

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cats and Ducks

Sonya knows many words and sounds now and loves playing with her father. Here is a video you will be sure to enjoy! Sometimes she gets confused and thinks mom's sound is mooooo, which is never something I would teach her!

Eating locally and nutritiously

This summer, we decided to purchase a harvest share at Sun Gold Farms. Every week, we get a grocery bag of vegetables fresh from the farm and grown locally in neighboring Forest Grove. We don't get to choose the vegetables but instead get a share of whatever is ripe in a given week. We have really enjoyed it. Here is Sonya enjoying some peas and carrots from a few weeks ago. Tomorrow will be week 5 out of 18.