Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last year, Cam wrote a VERY sappy note for our anniversary. This year it is my turn, and I too am grateful for our marriage. I remember, weeks before our wedding, we needed to be interviewed. The interviewer pulled us in the room separately and asked us about our partner, and wanted to know our reasons for getting married. Cam teared up and gave some sappy speech about how in-love he was. When I was asked the same question, I responded that he was fun to do yard work with; and I was convinced that my life would NEVER be BORING as a Wilde. I stand by my reasons, and am here to persuade all that my answer was just as sappy and lovey-dubby as Cam's.

Cam and I had a wonderful dating experience filled with 'ear cooing' and 'whispered sweet nothings':

And then, we had our romantic wedding day:

Two years into our marriage, we were blessed with a delicate flower of a baby, Sonya:

Twenty-two months after Sonya, we were given the gift of our second little angel.
Despite living only 5 days, Miah still found time to make silly faces. She understood the spirit of 'Wildeness'!

My life has not had a boring moment in nearly 5 years now and, although Cam is weird, and overly confident in every way, and seems to say things in the most tactless way possible, I am still Wildely in love, happy, and not bored!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What has been going on the last month or so?

Well, we have been busy with a couple major projects. For one, the kitchen has almost been completely remodeled: new paint, new counters, new appliances, .... We are almost done and will post photos soon. Until then, here are some teaser photos. I took these about 5 years ago, just after I moved into the house:

Since then, my roommates and I made some small renovations. Then I married a pastry chef who had a vision and saved up for four years to get her dream kitchen. Working within a budget, she has made vast improvements which we will reveal in the next week or so.

A certain bug occurs when you start remodeling. So some other rooms got some minor upgrades also. Our bathroom got a new counter and will soon get new paint and hardware. Sonya got to move rooms (Brian moved out) and got a new bunk bed. We have also been cleaning out old stuff. We may soon have enough for a small garage sale.

Finally, I have been taking a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training class (8 weeks for 3 hours a week) and will soon be a member of the Hillsboro response team. The final is next week. It has been a lot of fun and we have been feeling the need to be more prepared at home for a natural disaster. I am proud to say that we have enough water for 2 weeks in the case of a disaster. :) I will try to take photos of the final and me in my new orange vest and hard hat.