Sunday, March 4, 2012

Living Room Transformation: Project #1 Wood Floor

Karren has already made big changes to the house. One thing she has always wanted though is to make the living room/dining room her own. She had already started, but last week, the full transformation began. Here is what the living room looked like before we began:

The first project in the transformation was changing our floor from carpet (which was constantly getting dirty) to maple wood.

Step 1: Buy materials and move out furniture. Matt Lyman helped me get quality maple through Action Floor Systems LLC and introduced me to Kevin where I got the spline, roofing paper, and vents.

Step 2: Removal of old floor. Matt, John (my neighbor), Trevon Jacobson, and Skye Wolfer came over and helped me remove the old floor. It was actually pretty fun.

Step 3: Laying out roofing paper. Ned and I covered the entire floor with roofing paper.

Step 4: Install the wood. I am very grateful to many guys who came over and helped, including Matt, Skye, Ned, Aaron Hubbard, Spencer Dixon, and Bishop Mair. Matt taught us the ropes and then everyone went to work. This took a couple of days, but we completed rather quickly.

And ..... here is Matt putting in the final nail:

Next up: Painting of Ceiling and Walls