Monday, May 10, 2010

Sonya Wonders .....

"How fast can I eat this Cupcake?"

"Does my Great Grandpa Wilde love me?"

"What's my worth in Gold?"

These photos will give you the answer:

(Pretty fast)

(Just look at those faces)

(Answer courtesy of Klondike Gold Rush National Park)

Sonya's Drawings

Sonya drew these at Grandpa and Grandma Wilde's (her Great Grandparents) house yesterday.

This first one is a Sonya original:

This second one, Sonya dressed her mother's stick figures of her family:

Puppy Love

Sonya is desperately in love with her cousin, Buffy. I think there's quite a family resemblence, don't you? Here's some shots of their weekend together:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cooking in the Kitchen with the YW

Karren has a new calling in the ward.  She is YW Laurel's advisor.  Last night, she showed the girls how to cook eggs in various ways.  This is an important skill for all college bound girls.  Also, notice the new kitchen. :)