Monday, August 6, 2012

Lady and the TRAMP

This is our little version of The Giving Tree:
There once was a trampoline who loved a girl.

One day the girl came and the trampoline said, "Come girl, come and bounce on my surface with every single kid in the neighborhood. Pile on as many little children you can find, and be happy." So the girl found T, Syd, Andrew, and Emily...and the tramp was happy.

The girl stayed away many rainy days. One day the sun came out and the tramp said, "Come girl, find a heavy grown adult relative, and run as fast as you can on my slick surface, and I'll try not to kill anyone so you can be happy." So the girl bounced with Uncle Bee-baw, and the tramp was happy."

The girl stayed away many days. One day, the tramp noticed the girl playing in the back yard with some CRAZY WILDE children. "Come girl," beckoned the the tramp, "come bring all your insane cousins over." And the girl did, and the tramp was happy.

The girl always loved the tramp. The tramp loved the girl, and every friend/ relative/ stranger of the Wilde Family.

And the tramp was happy, but not really.

Good-bye to our old friend. You selflessly gave your life for our entertainment. We hope you don't take it personally that we ripped your broken body apart and sold it for scrap metal. We love you, and miss you:-)