Monday, June 25, 2012

One last thing...

This Hawaiian Banyan tree is cool enough to warrant a post, but the man who took the picture offers a sweeter memory. This is a small park in downtown Lahaina. It is filled with people who are homeless. Cam asked one of the residents of the park to take our picture. Afterword, he introduced our family to the man, shook his hand, and thanked him for taking the photo. Simple. Then he left me and Cole to take Sonya to the bathroom. The homeless man sat with me for a moment and said, "you have a good guy. Not very often do people talk to me like that."

I am proud of my husband. He's awkward. But so am I. Sometimes, I wish he were more gentile when in the company of people I would like to impress (like Senator Hatfield, or Dallin Oaks- remember those, Cam? ;). Cameron sees no difference between the president of the united states, and a homeless man in the park. He will look both in the eye. He will not pretend, condescend, or worship. It is a genuineness I have come to admire.

National Park Stamps...

Cam openly laments my lack of enthusiasm for the National Park Stamp Program. It's true, I don't get it. Sonya and Cam run here and there collecting ink blots to put on pieces of paper. It's kinda cool, I guess.

But sometimes, I'm like: "Whoah! Did you just see that giant wild peacock?!"

...and they're like: "No, but we did see that awesome painted sign!"

And then sometimes I find something cool like can actually see the whole shape of Maui in the background; where the older volcano meets the younger one. But there's no stamp for that... attention is turned to this rather HIDEOUS (I mean 'functional') lighthouse, instead.

I'm glad that Cam and Sonya have this collection to bond over. I'm sure Cole will join in the fun in a couple of years. And I will happily ride along.

Surfing Goat Dairy

So the Islands may be famous for tropical birds, whales, fish, and porpoises; but the Wilde family came for the goats!

These tame little goat babies quickly made friends with our Wilde babies.

Daddy and Cole practiced their 'milking hands' before moving on to real thing.

Cole: "Don't mind me Miss, I'm a professional."

Sonya, Cam, and I ate some AMAZING fruity chevre with some local produce. Cole, however, was far more interested in the plentiful ruffage.

Sonya walked away from this little farm feeling like a true CowGirl...well, GoatGirl...ah...who are we kidding? We all know the real reason for this trip: the stamps! Yep, Stamp Girl! But that's another post...

Friday, June 22, 2012

And there's a beach!?!

Yep! And it is a very lovely beach. And it's only 30 feet from your bedroom door.

You can go horseback riding on this beach!

You can run on this beach after snorkeling in it's waters all afternoon!

You can even scream and complain on this beach! (I would be upset too...notice there's only one person without a floaty- and he's the one who can't swim!)

Or you can just sleep on the beach. It's vacation. Sleep as long as you like.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Paradise has a pool!!!"

"I am Sonya, and I am happy." I woke up this morning (at 4:30 am) to find a pirate ship inside a swimming pool...right outside my door!!!! What is this magical place!?!"


"Mom, Cole- Why are you just chillin' on the chairs???

"Um- Mom, Cole- I guess that works..."

"My father is so gentle and loving. Here he is throwing a beach ball at my head. He's so silly. Notice the little girl at the top waiting her turn...she looks very worried that this is a permanent feature of the slide."

Farm Day

What do you do when you get homesick on a tropical island? I can't imagine that really ever happens but, apparently, an Oregonian would go up into the rainforest and volunteer the day at an organic farm.
We did lots of weeding, thinning, and raking.

Sonya handed out all the seedlings. She was very helpful.

She was also very involved in the planting process!

Cole, in comparison, was quite lazy. He mostly napped and ate.

He attempted to weed for a while.

At the end of the day, the locals appreciated our help and accepted us as their own. They even gave us a little bunch of cilantro as a parting gift.

Friday, June 15, 2012

"Good Morning Hawai'i!" Family vacation 2012

This is the sunrise on Haleakala. Isn't it gorgeous?! It really does look like this: the sun above a fluffy blanket of clouds; the sky colored like a giant rainbow. Something about the elevation and angle at which you see the horizon makes the event almost spiritual.

BUT, to get there, you have to be out of the house by 3 am. Kids LOVE that!


BUT, when the red and white orb begins to poke through the little holes in the clouded ocean horizon, it is sooooooo worth it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yay for Easter Time! (let's play catch-up)

Easter festivities this year included a pretty little lunch of leige waffles with the family. Flowers courtesy of Wilde Gardens.

The Easter Bunny brought Sonya and Cole umbrellas. Sonya was pretty sure the bunny brought her two, and forgot about Cole all together.

The kiddos enjoyed an egg hunt. I must say, Ian is a skilled hunter!

Natalie, "don't bother me; I'm egg hunting here."

Zach, "Candy makes me very happy."

Isn't family fun!?!