Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This has been a fun week! Karren's mom drove down from California to help Karren out. It has been really great having her around as it has allowed me to rest a little.

This weekend, Sonya spent lots of time with her friends. It started out with babysitting (see previous post) on Friday. Sonya was pretty tired, but perked right up when her friends arrived.

On Saturday, we gave Sonya her Easter basket, which as you can see, she immediately emptied.

Karren had a consultation that morning, so I took Karol and Sonya and went to prepare our Ward Easter celebration (Karren and I are on the Activities Committee). Karren was pleased when she arrived as all the sandwiches were done (thanks to a great assembly line). The party was a success and Sonya enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs. She got a little frustrated when she couldn't pull an egg out of the grass due to there being too much grass in her hands, but overall, she had fun.

On Sunday, we taught our Easter lesson to our primary class and then took a three hour nap when we got home. Afterwards, we had the Barkers and Morgans over for a Easter extravaganza of Egg dying (which resulted in many cracked eggs, strange colors, and even eaten shells), egg hunting, and egg salad sandwich eating. Fun was had by all.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Karren and I have been participating in a babysitting group for the last little while. We found that is was both very hard and expensive to go on dates, so we got four families together trade off watching kids. This way, we get to go on dates three out of four weeks. We have found that a side benefit has surfaced. Sonya is now friends with all these kids and they know and enjoy each other's company. They are just like cousins!

Thursday, April 9, 2009