Thursday, March 12, 2009

A tiny, pointing hand in my face

I stayed up really late last night doing Karren's business finances and went to bed exhausted. So, when Sonya woke up at 4 AM wanting milk, all I could do was put some in a bottle, lay her next to me, and immediately fall back asleep. Five minutes later, SMACK, the bottle was placed into my face to indicate she was done with it. I put it on the night stand and went back to bed, Sonya laying next to me. Half an hour later, SMACK, a pointing finger with my little girl saying bababababa. I handed her the bottle, let her finish it, put it back on my night stand, and went back to bed. Half an hour later, once again, SMACK! Sonya's hand was in my face again pointing towards the bottle. It was empty, but I gave it to her anyway. Unfortunately, she didn't want an empty bottle, so I got out of bed to put more milk in it. She drank it, handed the bottle back to me, and we both went back to bed. Finally, around 7:30 AM, Sonya wanted to sleep perpendicular to me and basically kicked me out of bed. Lesson learned: Don't let Sonya sleep in our bed, regardless of my tiredness level. That is, until the next time I am too weak.


  1. what is it with dads? Zach sometimes puts Lucas in our bed too. Not a good habit.

  2. i'm not sure actually (I've never used walgreen diapers specifically, just target and luvs when it comes to the off brands). is sonya allergic? i know they carry them in store so it may be worth going in and checking.

    the only time i notice if diapers are scented or not is after ethan 'uses' them. in that case, i prefer non-scented! :)