Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the Fair

On Saturday, the family was introduced to the delights of a summer fair..Miah just kicked around to the barbershop music, while Sonya ran to any and all stands promising something gooey, sticky, or squeaky!
First, Sonya turned a wafting billow of cotton candy into a solid sticky mass...

Then she showed off her fabulous balloon kitty cat (which eventually popped as she used it for a teething ring)...

Sonya finally polished off the afternoon with a pie eating contest...which she really should have won!
...but she used her hands (against the rules:-)

And she stole the pies of nearby children (apparently also against the rules)

What a delicate little princess!!! Yay for summer! 


  1. So beautiful Sonya. I think she did a great job of giving you more work to do, like giving her a bath.

  2. Four pictures of Sonya, all with her mouth open. Sounds like she had a great day.

  3. such a sweet blog-lucky girl getting cotton candy like that! :)