Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Wilde's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Grandpa and Grandma (Ken and Elaine Wilde) have been married 60 years! To celebrate the occasion, we threw a party for them on August 7th in Aunt Ilene's backyard. To this point, they have themselves, 7 kids, 24 grand kids, 8 great grand kids and 3 more on the way.  This doesn't even count the wonderful people that married into the family.

39 people showed up to celebrate with them!

The younger grandkids and great grandkids played together.

Distant (in miles) cousins and nieces/nephews/uncles/aunts were reacquainted.

Excellent food (prepared by my gorgeous and very talented wife and Aunt Ilene) was consumed.

In all, it was an excellent time together, one that all will cherish.

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  1. It was fantastic and so nice to spend some time with you guys afterward. We always enjoy a visit with you guys! Thank you!