Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Peoples

After four years of promising, we made it down to Arizona to visit Karren's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bobby. Sonya immediately felt comfortable and took their hand. She would ask every morning, "Where are my peoples?" It wasn't until we returned home that she began calling them by name.

We spent an enjoyable three days visiting with them. They treated us to a dinner cruise on the Dolly Steamboat on Saturday, which was gorgeous!  What's better than great company in gorgeous scenery?

Sunday was very relaxed.  We spent the morning going to church and the rest of the day conversing with our hosts.  Karren made us a delicious meal and Shauna, a good friend of mine from my freshman year of college, joined us to consume the feast.  It was great catching up with her and eating Karren's scrumptious food.

Thank you Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bobby!  We will have to get together again soon.

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