Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dancing Queen

Sonya loves to dance! It seems to be her most favorite thing at the moment. I love this picture with a best friend last summer, long before any formal training.

Doesn't she look like a graceful little butterfly 'flitting' about and doing a 'courtesy bow'. My sweet princess...

Ya.....Then come these moments when Sonya thinks she is all alone, no one watching. I would draw your attention to the fashionable footie jammies with high heal look, very "in" this season; add a complimenting head piece and you are a dancing diva! "LESS IS MORE, sweet princess, LESS IS MORE!"

I love this video of Sonya with her friends. Sonya believes the little boy in the video is the love of her life, the famous "King Colin." It seems that he will stop at nothing to impress her, and here illustrates his dancing prowess! I secretly hope they will get married so that I can show this, and similar videos at their wedding!


  1. You gotta love her style! Kinda reminds me of some of those outfits we put together- she's so 80s! But oh no! She can't marry Colin, Noah and Oliver are already pining for their mail order bride...

  2. Are Noah and Oliver planning on getting baptised into the LDS church? Sonya wants to be married in the temple! Would Steven be OK with that?

  3. Sarah...but which one would she pick?! One of your boys is bound to get his little heart broken. How 'bout we make a deal- You arrange it with the star you wished on to give me twins too...preferable little girl ones. And then we can just betroathe them to eachother (and Sonya won't have to deal with the 'cougar' accusations:-)

  4. shucks, I posted as Cam again! So confusing! So the first comment really is cam (shaking my head), and the last one is me.

  5. Well, I'd love you and Cam as in-laws, and it's only fitting that her "soon-to-be" sister in-law was in this vid as well. Just proves that they were meant to be! ;-D

    Oh, and Cam, you better remember where my roots came from before I joined the church, cause when Sonya marries it won't just be the young man it'll be the WHOLE family!!! You may not want to be so "picky" with who she marries if Sarah's boys and family don't have my side of the family's track record (or "record" period). ;-P (yes, I'm stickin' my tongue at you Cam!!).