Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marshmallow anyone?

Sonya recently participated in a Marshmallow Experiment conducted by some of the young women in our ward. Is it a problem that my daughter didn't wait at all? I choose to believe that she knew she couldn't wait the full ten minutes, so why bother at all!


  1. She's too young for this study. They didn't control for age very well :) Plus, why in the world did they give her a cookie and not a marshmellow?

  2. This was a total set-up. It's one thing to stare down a marshmallow for 10 minutes, but a chocolate chip cookie? That's just cruel.

    You can control for age all you want -- no one in their right mind (child or adult) is going to wait out a chocolate-chip cookie, particularly if Karren made it.