Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Place to Run 2011

I participated in this years Great Place to Run event for Intel.  I ran the 5k and leaned (or more likely relearned some important lessons):
1) You should really train for these things.  I haven't run for many years and it showed.  I had to walk some portions of it and I am SO sore.
2) Walking is good when you aren't prepared.  I could have got a better time, but at what cost?  I didn't want to injure myself.
3) I like running.  It feels good.
4) Sunscreen is important, even on a cloudy day.

My Time: 0:34:58 (11:15 pace)
Place: 506/1443 Overall, 362/784 among males, 64/99 among males 30-34


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  1. Good for you! Want to train for Hood to Coast 2012?:)