Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Miah!

Mommmy loves this picture of you when you were four days old. You are just sooo stinkin' cute! (notice how it shows your extra thumb!)

Yesterday, for your birthday, we made a giant cake just like the one we made after your funeral. We served it to a huge (like 200) group of people who had babies in Heaven with you. Mommy and Daddy stood and spoke to the families about your sweet little life, and the things you taught us.
We love and miss you!


  1. Karren,
    I woke up yesterday, and somehow Miah's birthday came to mind before my feet even hit the floor. I wondered how you were celebrating for her... that cake is AWESOME!!! Such a lucky girl to have such a loving family. I took a walk along a river through a meadow and had a little chat with her about the things I was seeing.
    Thinking of you,

  2. Happy Birthday Ms Miah!! What a beautifuk angel you are!!

    {{HUGS}} and Love!

  3. Awe, man! I missed little M's birthday?! I should be punched!!! Well, expected a little treat to be dropped off tomorrow ;-D I love her so much and am so excited for her brother to join the ranks of such a great family!!! Sonya is sure a lucky sister to have such an awesome family and I feel grateful to call you guys friends (let alone Colin and Sonya's betrothal—though she might be moving on to better pastures ;-D )

    Love the cake (it was awesome 2 years ago too!!!) and that is so awesome that you got to share your wonderful talent and her beautiful life's story. Her life made an incredibly huge impact on me spiritually and we talk about her often (Camo so love her). We love you guys!!!

  4. I needed to think of this special, beautiful girl who I had the honor to meet. She forever touched me. I needed to think of her tonight. And be reminded of
    the nearness of heaven that surrounded her. I needed to be reminded to have an Eternal perspective.

    My dear brother and his sweet wife will welcome their third child, a son, any day now and he will not likely live. My heart aches for them. But tonight I'm grateful for this precious reminder of what a blessing having a special child is, even if it's for a fleeting moment that they are with us.

    Your family is an inspiration. Thank you.