Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013

"I Looooooove the BEACH!!!" "I'm the Luuuuuuckiest girl alive 'cause my parents took me to the Bahamas for Spring Break!!!" "Thaaaaank you Mom and Dad!!!"

"Really, really, Thank you! I love this!"

"Oh, you need me to drive your boat for a few minutes?! Gladly! Where to Capt'n?"

"I'm so excited to go snorkeling! My mom says I'm going to love it! I have to admit, I'm a little scared..."

"Ok. Turns out I got really, really scared. Ya, that's me crying and shivering in the arms of my unsympathetic Mother...Seems she had a blast though. I would say she's going to be the only diver in this Wilde family..." 

"Ah-hem!" (Cole takes back control of this blog post) "Speak for yourself, sister! You're not the only kid in this family! I love EVERYTHING about the beach!"

"...Especially the water! My face is under the water more than above it! Our Mother will have a dive buddy in me! I can't wait 'till I'm 8, and can start scuba. Yaaaay!"

"Sorry Dad! Our time together in the shallows is LIMITED!"

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