Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning From Dad

Karren called me today at work (twice) to tell me some funny stories about Sonya.

The first one happened just after Karren took Sonya inside the house to warm up after a walk. It has been pretty chilly in the mornings and Karren always likes to bundle Sonya up in a hat and a warm coat. Anyway, after coming in, Karren took off Sonya's coat and hat and started putting them away. Sonya immediately started fussing pointing to the hat and coat. Karren handed them to Sonya and she attempted to put them back on. She apparently wasn't ready to come in and associates going outside with her hat and coat. She may have learned that from me. She knows that when I put on my coat, ear warmers and gloves to get ready for my bike ride to work, I am leaving. She sometimes voices her discontent as soon as I start putting them on.

The second one relates to Sonya watching dad eat yogurt (one of my favorite snacks). I typically take off the foil top, lick it, eat the yogurt inside, and put the top back into the container. Today while Karren was feeding Sonya yogurt, Sonya held onto the top. When it was gone, Sonya put the top into the container and handed the container to Karren. She learns from the best! Incidently, she has been handing us her toys and bottles after she finishes them (rather than her just throwing them on the ground). It is pretty cute and we appreciate it.

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