Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Visit From Stan

Stan Israelsen, an old college buddy of mine visited this weekend. He was interviewing for a residency position at OHSU in Orthopedic Surgery. We hope he gets it so him and his family move out here. I spent a lot of the weekend driving Stan around and helping Karren with Darcy's baby shower. I left work a little early on Friday and took Stan to see Multanomah Falls, a must see in the Portland area. It was really cold and so we wrapped up Sonya in many layers of clothing and headed toward the Falls. We intended to go to the top, but unfortunately, the mist from the falls froze to the trail and made it pure ice. We didn't get very far (just before the bridge). Instead, we drove along the Historic Columbia River Highway and looked at the many waterfalls from the car.


  1. It was warm here...wore a tshirt today hiking in Upper Park...and there shouldn't be any ice in borrego! Check out my blog too: its! I just started it so go easy on me!
    Love you guys!