Sunday, February 1, 2009

A tough week for Sonya

The week started tough for poor Sonya. Early Tuesday morning (around 2:30 AM), I heard a distressed cry from her crib. I got up to see what was up and found a baby with a 101 degree fever. Karren and I are soft and so I immediately took her to our bed. She wasn't comfortable at all that night due to mucus and the fever, but in her parents' bed, she slept better.

Wednesday, Sonya wanted to be held all day long and slept the majority of it. Although this was a good thing, it caused a rough night for me. She wasn't as tired as usual when it was time for bed, and we still let her sleep in our bed. This caused her to toss and turn all night and she stayed on my side of the bed (She is a snuggler and I tend to be the warmer body). Needless to say, my sleep was limited also.

Thursday, Sonya was feeling better, which was good because Karren had work to do. She even took a four hour nap while Karren got all sorts of things done (laundry, weekly cookies, cleaning). Karren was able to get out that night to her enrichment group, Doomsday Divas, where she learned lots of good tips from a master gardener.

Friday, Karren got started on her weekend cake and cupcakes. It was our turn in our babysitting group so we watched Talmage and Sidney Barker and Anika Vance. It went well except for the fact that Sonya fell onto the bricks by our wood burning stove and got bruised/cut on the left side of her face between her eye and lip. She wouldn't let Karren or I get near, but we sure tried our best. She is a tough kid.

Saturday was cake day for Karren and I was able to remove more of our dead tree from our backyard. Karren and I went to a dance lesson where I attempted to learn some waltz and swing moves.
Today, Sunday, we woke up to a surprise. Karren was feeding Sonya and she noticed her first tooth pushing out from her gums. It only took 13 months!


  1. if you have any more trouble with teething, teething tablets work wonders! I give them to Jordan and they seem to help a ton. Good luck! and don't worry, we're softies too. He always gets his way when he's sick!

  2. Hey! What happened to 'no babies in my bed' Cameron!!!?? All our kids are sick and I'm sick of cleaning it all up! blah!