Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sisters .... Kind Of

So Sonya has a couple of great girlfriends that are close to her in age and location. Sydney lives just down the street and they spend a TON of time together. The other day we had Sydney over to play and eat lunch. With a mouth full of Mac and Cheese, the toddler meal conversation took a turn...Sydney declared, "Sonya's my sister". Sonya looked over, paused and said, "Oh Sydney, you're my sister too". It was sooo sweet. It reminded me of one of my childhood girlfriends- we used to tell our friends and neighbors that we were twin sisters (she blond, me brunette. short/tall. thin/ Uber chubby. Odd that anyone believed us!)
Here are some cute pics of Sonya and Sydney growing up together these 2 1/2 years:

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