Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Cindersonya is Sonya's special princess name. We re-tell fairytales every night about her majestic beauty, legendary whit, and unassuming grace. She, of course, insists on wearing dresses and chasing squirrels (as do all real princesses). Allow me to introduce you to some of her fellow princess heroines...
There's Cindersonya,

And Lady Lovlilyla,

Then Princess Arorva,

And finally Thumblesid.

Cindersonya naturally has a crazy evil stepmother of surpassing beauty, Kanerva:

Despite Kanerva's raging jealousy of the tender maid's beauty and constant thwarting (nap times, and vegetable eating), Cindersonya still finds time to practice her princess duties of singing, dancing, and frolicking in meadows:

Cindersonya, in keeping with tradition, has also tried to catch the attention of a handsome prince...but she may have to wait a few years for him to mature-up. (He's busy slaying dinosaurs and squashing things with toy trucks (Sonya quote: "Him not even notice the beautiful princess. Poor Sonya."))


  1. Oh, I love the pic you took of Cindersonya and "King Colin"!!! I hope she doesn't lose interest in him if I confess that he's scared to DEATH of bugs!!! He won't go near them and will just run off freaking out if he sees one a mile away (sometimes crying will ensue as well). He does LOVE to romp around with his cars, as well as slay dragons, oh, and he claims he can take on a T-Rex too, so Cindersonya should know that King Colin is still very valiant!

  2. so cute! i love her dancing! i look forward to having some change in our house...princesses and pink instead of batman and trains all the time!:)