Friday, January 6, 2012

Turkey Day

(aren't these little turkeys cute?! It has become a tradition (at Sonya's request). We make them out of chocolates and cardstock.) I cannot take credit for this FANTASTIC apron that fit my prego physique so beautifully; it belongs to cousin Jessica. cute little family! I'm lovin' the accesorizing! Cam can TOTALLY pull off the nerdy professor look with his bowtie!

YUM! (kudos to the yam-maker...I'm still dreaming about the crunchy gingerstap topping!)

This is Sonya at her preschool Thanksgiving party. She was asked to make a list of all the things she is grateful for.....

...and this is Cam's reaction when he see's only one word on the list: MOMMY!
YAY! this is one of those rare payout moments when super-fun-candy-giving-wrestling daddy gives way to the less-fun-but-steady and loving mommy!

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