Friday, January 6, 2012

Verboort 2011- A Wilde Family tradition

This year, we were joined by Ned's family (Cam's brother who just moved to Oregon) and our new neighbors: Regan and Krista. The annual sausage festival is a fundraiser for a small private school in Verboort. Although there are exciting attractions like the 'Pot Holder Raffle' (Sonya won a giant stuffed lion this year!) and the 'Pork and Bean Loaf' bake sale, the real draw is the food! Here's Ned and Seth gleefully and energetically beginning to feast.

Little Natalie was VERY proud of her feasting prowess!

This was the damage done by our little group: I'm guessing a quarter pig, 4 heads of cabbage, 10# each potatoes and apples, and two whole pies met their demise at our hand.

The consequences were desastrous, especially for these two very, very pregnant women! Who brought the TUMS?!?!?!?!?

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