Friday, January 4, 2013

Super-date of the Century: Petra!

Ok, so we're going to go a little overboard with the pictures...but everything was just so pretty! You have to see it all! Petra is in Jordan, a little hop over the boarder from Israel.

It is a vast city of ancient buildings carved out of rock in these canyon lands.

You walk for about 3 miles down a narrow crevas. It is cool in it's own right: scattered carved buildings, aquaducts, caves... But then, you see this! and it makes everything else look 'not-as-cool'...

Inside the largest buildings like the Treasury and Monastary, you can see this. The colors are Awesome!!!

As you move out in the city, there are hundreds of these little houses.

The insides of these are a bit more rustic, and GORGEOUS!

After lots of giddy exploring, we made our way up a few stairs toward the top of the city.

Did I say a few? I meant a couple thousand round-trip.

So worth it! The Monestary was MASSIVE! Look at that view!

No wait! Look at that view!

People still live up here in little camps and huts...and obviously very patriotic:-)

It's possible that we played too long. It became very dark, very quickly. The light from our cellphones saved us from falling to our deaths.

We ran back to our hotel and then, first thing in the morning, we ran back to our playground!

Look! It's a jungle gym!

Hey! How did that donkey get all the way up here?!

Hey! Karren, how did you get up here?!

Oh, I see. Looks pretty dangerous...

After two solid days of hiking, we treated ourselves to some touristy buying things from Bedouin children...

And hitching a ride with the locals!
Good Times!


  1. Good report! The nursing students sang "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" in one of those echo-y chambers. It was beautiful! I love that you called Petra your playground and also, it didn't look uncomfortably hot.

  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had an amazing trip.