Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sonya had her 5th Birthday in December!

This year, she emphatically requested a "Ball- the boy/girl kind!" (I can't imagine what we're in for when she turns 16!) So, with a ton of help from Sonya's talented and delightful ballet teacher (Kim Simmons, p://, we made her dream come true.

Here's a quick re-cap video of the event:


 We also decorated cupcakes...I love how Sonya was trying to be all proper:-)

The event was a complete hoot! I really think these kiddos would be a ballroom sensation on stage! 


  1. ha! bennett with the creeper photobomb for the win! ;) ethan had so much fun-thanks for inviting him!

  2. Loved the video. The kids were soooo cute :) She is such a beautiful little girl.