Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Love Story...

Seven years ago and a few days after Valentine's day, we were married. No doubt, February 14th-18th would become the most romantic week of every year for this little Wilde family...and it has...for Cam and his DEEP and RELENTLESS LOVE of NATIONAL PARKS;-)

(Sonya: "Dad, I'm too tired to take a picture...I've worked sooooo hard today!")

(they think they're giant Saguaro cactuses:-)

See, because this week of love coinscides with President's day weekend (the only 3 day weekend in a long chain of 2 day weekends), it becomes a perfect time to travel! It is also a good time for Sonya to work on aquireing the ever-coveted Junior Ranger badge:

Uncle Bobby helped Sonya find walls made out of stone at Tumacacori Mission ...

Aunt Debbie helped her identify walls made out of mud...

The nice ranger listened as Sonya explained the difference, and what went on within those walls. 

But the best part of President's Weekend 2013 was, however "living at Aunt Debbie's house." (Sonya) 
The conversations about politics, religion, education, and golfballs and were delightful (I wish we could post the 20 minutes of Barbie Playing and Uncle Bobby Interview videos that were taken...pure entertainment! :-)

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