Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Month To Go

Our daughter Miah is due in 31 days, just a month away. Karren and I got up nice and early to get an ultrasound of her and see what the issues with Miah might be. She definitely has a heart issue, shorter limbs (legs and arms), a tiny stomach, and is underweight. These are all typical for a Trisomy 18 baby. There were no major defects that we could see outside these issues. The technician says that there is a hole in the heart that limits the blood from flowing throughout the rest of the body, kind of like a short circuit. Karren said that she is "sooooo beautiful" and I would have to agree. She looks a little like Sonya to me and we are excited to meet her. She is a choice daughter of God and we are very happy that she will be with our family forever.

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