Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Wickedly Eventful Weekend

Back in June, I purchased tickets for the musical Wicked for Karren's birthday. Sadly, when it came through Portland, we didn't go see it. I found out it was coming to Seattle this month, so I seized the opportunity.
We headed up to Seattle after work on Friday. The ride wasn't comfortable for my 8 month pregnant wife or my active child, but we happily arrived at Aunt Ilene and Uncle Richard's place about 9:30 PM. Sonya took a bit to warm up to their Labradoodle, Buffy, but by the end, they were good friends. At one point on Saturday, Sonya even got on her hands and knees and drank out of Buffy's water dish .... pretty gross but hilarious.
Saturday morning, we hung out in their backyard and chatted until just after noon. We then left Sonya with Ilene and Richard and headed to the Paramount Theatre. Karren and I both really liked Wicked and would recommend it to anyone who likes musicals. We then headed to a wedding receptions where we met up with Grandpa and Grandma Wilde, Ilene, Richard, Sonya, and Jessica. It was good to eat dinner and socialize.
Getting back to Ilene's place about 9:30 PM, I logged on to my email account to see when Karren's brother, Bryan, would arrive at the Seattle airport. The plan was to pick him up at 10:30 PM and then head back to Portland. It was then that I noticed my mistake. I bought the ticket for Portland instead of Seattle, likely out of habit. This meant that I had a 3 hour drive to do in 30 minutes. Impossible! It turned out OK though. We made really good time and got to the Portland Airport about 12:45 AM.
Bryan will be staying with us for the next little bit. He wanted a new start and Portland is a great place (if you can stand the rain).

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