Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Delayed birthday dinner

Karren was doing service for a Stake Relief Society dessert event last week and so we delayed my birthday from Thursday to yesterday. She had to make tons of nice plated desserts and worked from Wednesday through Saturday. This is one of the many sacrifices I make because I have such a talented, beautiful, giving wife. I would have it no other way though. :)

Sonya, Karren and I celebrated at Benihanas. Lots of restaunant give you free stuff for your birthday. Benihana's give you a free meal through their Chef's Table program. Red Robin gives a free burger through their eClub. We also signed Sonya up for Geoffrey's Birthday Club where she gets a free gift from Toys R Us every year. There are likely others out there also, but these are the ones we have signed up for.

Anyway, Benihanas was really good and Sonya ate a ton. She especially liked my shrimp and ate most of mine. At the end, they sang me happy birthday and took this photo. I especially like all the food in Sonya's mouth.

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