Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We were able to visit my grandparents (dad's parents) for Thanksgiving this year. It is always fun eating with them for Thanksgiving and often a little nostalgic. My family drove up to Seattle every year while I was growing up in Oregon. This year, there were nine of us, Grandpa and Grandma, Ilene, Richard, Noreen, Jessica, Karren, Sonya, and me. Also present were two dogs, Viggo and Buffy. Sonya really loved the dogs! We spent two nights at Ilene's after Thanksgiving. On Friday, we went to the Belleview mall where we ate and visited Santa. Sonya still doesn't like people dressed up so she cried when we took her to sit on Santa's lap. She did love the stuffed dog and candy cane lollipop he gave her though. We then visited the park across the street where Sonya chased a lot of the dogs around. At the base of the park, they were giving away free horse drawn carriage rides which Sonya LOVED (see her face in the photo below). We had to wait in line and she cried every time the horse left without her. Finally, that evening, Ilene watched Sonya while Karren and I went to Once Upon a Mattress, a performance by the Bellevue Youth Theatre. Thanks Ilene! It was a very enjoyable two days!

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