Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Polar Express

We had the opportunity to go on Mount Hood Railroad's Polar Express Ride with the Barkers, Morgans, and Watsons. After an hour and a half drive to Hood River and a quick visit to Walmart to buy snowflake pajamas for the family, we arrived at the train station.

We boarded the train just after 5 PM and started on our way toward the North Pole. The kids were dreaming of Santa and the parents were in awe at their wonderment.

It wasn't long before we were served hot chocolate (which was spilled by many of the children) and cookies.

We then heard a reading of the Polar Express over the intercom while the servers held up the books and flipped through the pages.

Finally, we arrived at the North Pole and the kids all stared out the window in amazement as the elves and Santa greeted us.

The train turned around and we were boarded by the elves and Santa. Two elves arrived in our car and led us in singing many Christmas songs. Sonya really got into it.

After 7 or 8 songs, Santa arrived in our car. He went row by row greeting children and giving them bells. Sonya has always been a little afraid of people dressed up, and this is no exception. She was happy to accept the bell though.

After Santa left our car, it was just a bit longer and we arrived back at the train station. We had fun on the ride and here was our best shot at a family photo. Sonya was still sucking on her bell.

REVIEW: The Polar Express Ride at the Mount Hood Railroad is great fun for kids, but I wouldn't suggest it if you aren't going with your children. The real thrill for me was seeing the joy on my daughter's face and the fun she had with her friends.

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