Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

The Wilde family has been preparing for the holidays this past week. We got our first EVER Christmas tree (normally we decorate a rosemary bush) and even cut it down ourselves.

The farm was a cute little family owned operation with a barn and tractor to boot! They even served us peppermint hot cocoa. mmmmm....
We decorated our tree with clear bulbs which Daddy and Sonya filled with the dried peddles from Miah's funeral. It made for a beautiful golden glowy tree to honor Sweet Miah this year. (of course, we filled a couple bulbs with chocolate chips to represent our other 'candy-o-holic' daughter, Sonya).
We crafted an extra ornament of 'Miah flowers' to hang on the tree at the cemetary. We attended a nice little service there, and sang Christmas Carols with others who have recently said goodbye to loved ones.
We made sure to visit Miah's little grave before leaving. She would have been 7 weeks old; her memory is a part of our family always, and we love her!