Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Family Time

On Sunday, all my local brothers and sisters came over along with their children. Sonya got to see all eight of her living cousins (three are on the way via K, Ned, and Becky). Karren made a gluten free dinner to accomodate my mom and Shannon's allergies and the kids played hard together.

On the play structure with Ashton, Ian, Jaime, Sonya, and Sage:

Sonya and Ian:

Ring Around the Rosies with Uncle Bon is always a favorite! Here he plays with the 5 youngest (Ashton, Seth, Sonya, Talia, and Zach).

The respective eldest children of each family: Sonya (Cameron), Ian (Ned), Sage (Becky), and Jaime (Desire).

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