Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visiting More Family and Golden Spike National Historic Site

A week ago Monday, we had a really fun visit with Grandma Woffinden and Sonya had a blast with her dolls. Sonya has really become a girly girl and so she just loves Grandma Woff's doll collection.

A week ago, we headed north to Yellowstone but stopped on the way at Golden Spike National Historic Site and at Uncle K's.
Pictured here is a replica of one of the trains present during the ceremony in 1869:

and Karren and Sonya placing a chocolate Golden Spike in the exact location where the actual Golden Spike was inserted:

Sonya really loved her Uncle K, almost as much as Uncle Bon. In fact, she kept calling him Uncle Bon. Uncle K's house is now one of the locations Sonya asks to visit (Grandma's house (for any number of Grandparent's houses: Wilde, Mangels, Woffinden, Glee, Doris), Sonya's house (for home), Sydney's mom's house (for the Barkers), and now Uncle K's house).

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