Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Trip Home

After 8 weeks of vacationing, we had to return home so I could begin work on Monday (two days ago). We decided to take the northern Montana route instead of the southern Idaho route. The time was almost identical and this choice was more scenic. This allowed us to stop at another national monument, Grant-Kohrs Ranch. I think Sonya enjoyed the Smokey the Bear binoculars given to her by the Forest Ranger best at this stop.

Chosing this route also allowed us to stop at my grandparents museum in Polson, Montana. I haven't been there since well before my mission in 1997. It was great to spend the evening with them and let them get to know Sonya and Karren a little more.

Now I am home and back to the grind. Only 6 2/3 years until I am eligible for my next sabbatical .... sigh!

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  1. Hey, I recognize that train! It is where Ian and Zach live when at Grams and Gramps! How do we get into Intel so we can have a 2 month sabbatical?!