Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sonya's Talent Search: Part One

"Yes!" says Sonya. "I will be a fantastic artist. I have the skill, patience, and raw talent. Just watch me create a masterpiece!!!"

"Oooooooo. I am soooo pleased with myself! No doubt this will be hanging in the Louvre by the end of the week!"

[Sonya surveys the table to check out the competition. She stopped at a promising young lad] "Hmmmm. He's good. Too good..."

"What's this!?!? She has the abstract insight of Picasso! And wait a minute! how did she finish so quickly?"

"Who is this guy?" Sonya burst out in desperation, "how do I possibly compete with someone who can throw himself into his art like that?"

"Fine! I give up! This child prodigy is blinding people with her artistic gifts!

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