Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sonya's Talent Search: Part Two

"Absolutely!" Sonya giggles with delight. "I am tall, lean, flat-chested...and I have the calves of a marble carved Greek goddess! This is it! My calling in life is to be a gymnast!!!"
RUN. check.

JUMP. check. (You've GOT to see my dismount...perfection!)

FLIP. (oh ya!) check.

SWING. check (feel free to notice my perfectly pointed toes...a thing of beauty if I do say so myself).

CONFESSION: I am a FAKE! It's true. My mom was too kind to post my humiliation...I can't skip!!!!! There, I said it! (head bows in shame). Like generations before me (my daddy suffered from the same handicap- he was held back in kindergarden because of it), I have an inability to skip, or walk rhythmically in any way. Coach Erin worked with me individually for 10 minutes; she even picked me up and moved my legs...I just couldn't get it.
Maybe I should try something else....Stay tuned....


  1. Have you considered photography? If she has inherited her mother's ability to compose a shot as well as capture the spontaneous moments, she has great promise.

  2. Don't forget her "Dragon Training" seminar next Monday, cause I have high hopes for this future Astrid!!

  3. Um, I WAS NOT held back .... just almost.

  4. Really Cam? I heard you were held back... maybe he was held back in spirit... or should have been... Anyway maybe you should get Sonya a chemistry kit too!! ;) Or how about Soccer? Sonya has so much energy. Or... swimming... Or how about her talent is the ability to socialize with everyone!

  5. I love it. Maybe she's just making sure the rest of us don't feel bad, given her exceeding talent in ballet? I had to give up on my dream of being a gymnast in the second grade, when I was the only person who couldn't do a cartwheel in my gymnastics class. It still stings.

  6. ha....we're doing this exact same class with ethan right now. he loves it.