Monday, January 17, 2011

a sick little sonya

So cute, right?! I think that one bite of banana before a nap was the only food she ate for five days. We had a princess movie marathon, and went through two bottles of children's Tylenol, and she's all better now!


  1. Very Cute! Glad she is feeling better. Sage is getting over something right now and Ashton is beaning it. Its the time for being sick guess.

  2. What a coincidence. Grae has been watching loads of Pingu while downing tylenol/ibuprofen this past week. We ended up at the ER Friday night because he was breathing so rapidly, but even that just resulted in Grae taking more tylenol (albeit, a much bigger dose than I would have ever known to give him). Good thing Grae likes the taste of all of his sugared up medicine. Hope Sonya is starting to feel better :(