Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leaping Lamb Farm Stay

A few weeks back we did a Leaping Lamb Farm Stay with our friends the Barkers.  It involved staying in a cabin for the weekend and helping out with farm chores every morning/evening.

You could tell Sonya enjoyed the fresh air and free run of the farm.

Here Sonya is collecting eggs and feed the sheep with Sydney.

These little bummer lambs needed to be bottle fed.  Sonya was scared because the nipple kept falling off.  I kept thinking of the poor mothers who were nursing babies capable of ripping nipples off.

I think everyone fell in love with farm life.  Here Sonya and Talmage are gambling with the lambs.

This is Cam with hay fever.  He loves hay.

I fell in live with #24, my beloved baby sheep.  (It's a perfect name, think Seven of Nine, R2-D2, or Agent 707.

Talmage fell in love with this nice and willing chicken. We observed an unconventional romance between this goose and tom turkey. The goose kept this guy on a pedestal and protected him from other feathered male farm competitors. 

This less comely Tom Turkey looked for love wherever he could find it.  He did the mating dance repeatedly for Sonya and was swiftly rejected.  We think it was Sonya's hair that was so enticing.  She kept screaming, "I'm not a beautiful turkey .... I'm not a beautiful turkey!"

Overall it was a great weekend with lots of new animal friendships born.

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  1. That is so cool! I would love to do that someday.