Sunday, June 5, 2011

What happens when your children are quiet?

Sonya was playing with Lucas in our backyard and they seemed to be playing great together.  Ksenia asked, "Should we check on them?"  Karren replied, "They aren't crying, I'm sure they are fine."  Despite my better judgement, I didn't move.

When we went outside a bit later, a planter box full of strawberries that used to look like this:

Instead looked like this:

Where might the plants have gone to, you might ask?

That's right ... the hot tub.  Karren had been wanting to get rid of this eye sore for a while now and this afforded her the perfect opportunity.  If you now ask Sonya where the hot tub went, she will tell you a man came and took it away because she threw mommy's strawberries in it.

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