Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, did you know that large amounts (not minimal spraying) of sunscreen can actually protect you from unbearable pain and suffering? Yep, Sonya (who was doused in said product) has been the only one over the past 3 days who hasn't been groaning under the blistered purple skin of a sun worshiper. Needless to say, we've been taking it easy...snail hunting in our yard, perusing the local art galleries, and complaining.

Our back yard:-)

Last night we were invited over to a "small" family home evening with some Hawaiins. The family consisted of only 45 or so kids, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It was AWESOME...by far our favorite outing on the island so far. We ate venison shot and killed by one of the sons that week. We were also laughed at as we attempted to choke down some Poi (a sour purple root vegetable with the texture of horse glue. MMMMM. Sonya, of course, kissed and hugged every child 14 times, as if her week long pergatory of 'playing with grown-ups' was finally over! We were invited to play with our new friends next Sunday and Monday also.


  1. Did you eat the Poi WITH something? I absolutely LOVE it with chicken!!! Hope you guys don't have to suffer the sun burns much longer—they'll turn to nice golden tans in know time.

  2. "no time". . . you knew what I meant!! HAHAHAHA!!

  3. Let's see a pic of the peeling skin...mmmm! And hats of to Sonya, a natural Goodwill Ambassador.

  4. What is it about remembering to put sunscreen on little kids and always forgoting ourselves? I think adults think they just won't get burned. Ok maybe that's what I think and I always pray for that golden tan.