Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wednesday, we woke up at 4 am to catch sunrise on Haleakala, the tall mountain in the center of Maui. It was a two a half hour drive from Hana, so we had to leave early. When we reached the top, a huge FREEZING winter storm was blasting and we could barely see a rock infront of us, let alone the sunrise. After a quick stop, we made it a beach day. Sonya was happy to play in the water again, and Suzi and I did some snorkeling. Finally, we played at a fun little luau. Sonya was HILARIOUS dancing with the girls! I have a cute video to show, but our internet connection is far to slow to download. I'll send it out later:-)

Thursday, we took Sonya to the aquarium to see the fishies up close. She made friends with a particularly curious crab and loved touching all the see stars. We stayed so long that we actually got kicked out at closing time!

We wrapped up the evening with a sunset stroll on the beach by the hotel at which I used to work. Soooo purdy!

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