Friday, March 5, 2010

Today, we played a little in Haleakala National park. When we arrived, the main attraction (Seven Sacred Pools) was completely dried up. While eating lunch in the nearly empty park, the rangers started freaking out excitedly. Appearently, the pools have been dry since November due to drought (something which has never happened in recent history) and, at that very moment, a flash flood was coming down the mountain to fill the pools and empty into the ocean. We watched history in the making as each pool filled with water, overflowed, then filled the one below it and so on. It was AWESOME! Hopefully, the pools will be ready for swimming by early next week!

Susan and I hiked upstream to get a better look at the waterfalls, while Cam and Sonya played at the delta. Rain PELTED down on us most of the was warm and glorious!


  1. FUN!!! so this is for your sabbatical? Matt's taking his next spring i think. perhaps we should skip disneyland and do maui instead! hope you guys have a blast!

  2. If you were doing Disney World, then maybe I'd say it might be a toss up between one of the Islands and that, but if you're debating on heading to Disneyland or going to down to the South Pacific, well, that's a no brainer for me—Hawaii or BUST!

    Cam, Karren and Sonya—so stoked you all are enjoying your time down in one of the most beautiful areas I think there is on this planet. I love the scenery, I love the people, oh, really I just love EVERYTHING about the Hawaiian Islands!!! Each island is so amazing in it's own special way and I know people say that there is the whole "island fever" issue that can come in to play, but I seriously think I could live there without any itch to go back the Mainland (well, okay to see those people who were crazy enough not to come out to visit me there). Unfortunately Dame loves to ONLY visit and isn't down with setting up camp there permanently. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from your trip and will see ya when when you guys get back!!