Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, we took a chartered boat over to the small island crater of Molokini. Is was a fantastic fish sanctuary and snorkel haven.

We then boated over to an open water area with large numbers of green sea turtles. During our one hour in this location, dozens of little turtles bobbed to the surface to get a breath. We didn't do much snorkeling was more fun watching Sonya swim. "I'm kicking in ocean!", she screamed. Everyone thought she was soooo cute!

The last part of our trip was a little whale watching tour. It was REALLY cool! We saw lots of Mommy/ baby combos with 'an escort' (yep, a male whale who protects the mommy and baby in the hopes that the Mommy will reward him with a smooch or two at the end of their trip. Oh, and he's almost never the baby's daddy. Monogamy is an unpracticed art in whale culture.)
We didn't get any good photos of the whales because we were too busy watching. We saw a 2 minute tale slapping display, lots of breaching, and countless blow hole thingys. Sonya kept pointing them out to us to make sure we didn't miss anything....

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  1. I'm guessing Cam liked the whole not monogamy thing whales do!