Friday, March 12, 2010

Haleakala National Park

Tuesday, we hiked to Waimoku Falls in Haleakala National Park. It was a gorgeous sunny day. We started out with Sonya in Daddy's backpack but she started screaming "my walk!" three minutes in. She proceeded to walk a significant portion of the 4 mile hike while holding dad's hand. Passers by were VERY impressed by her stamina.

Along the way, there were tons of hidden caves, alien-looking trees, and smaller waterfalls. You can't see it in this picture, but behind Cam and Sonya, there is a huge load waterfall gushing out of a lava tube and into an underground cave.

Half way through, the hike morphed into a wild bamboo forest. It swayed as a single entity in the wind (a storm was beginning to form by that time...the rain forest we're staying in has huge storms for a couple moments, then goes back to sunshine). Just look at Sonya, still happily hiking the trail.

Here's me, Sonya, and Suzi at the falls. They had to have been well over 120 feet high. There was no where else to go after this point...we were surrounded by cliffs.

Here's Cam and Sonya in the bottom left corner to give you an impression of the view. This was one of the Wilde Family's favorite hikes ever! Pretty, pretty.

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  1. It all looks like paradise! Glad you had an amazing hike. Karren looks like a model in that shot with the waterfall!